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A few insects or other pests can be unavoidable when you own a home or business. But if your property isn't being treated and protected properly with pest control services, you could have a full infestation on your hands. Contact your local pest control company to get rid of unwanted guests and prevent future infestations in Virginia Beach, VA.

At Reliance Pest & Termite Inc., we understand a pest problem is more than an inconvenience-it can affect your health, make your home off-putting for guests and even stop you from getting a good night's sleep. In some cases, insects, mice and other creatures can damage the structural integrity of your property, chewing holes in the wood, the insulation and the walls.

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Doug is the best! We had some ongoing pest issues and Doug helped to eliminate them. We are now on a quarterly plan at a reasonable cost to help contain the issue. So far problem free! Very easy to schedule appointments and work with the home office.

-Tiffany M.

Creepy Crawlies Don't Stand a Chance

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4 reasons to choose us

Prior to starting Reliance Pest & Termite, our owner previously managed five branches of the largest pest control and termite control company in the United States. This background means that we can offer the individualized attention and friendly customer service you'd get from a smaller company, combined with the know-how and top-notch products you'd expect from a large corporation.

Our pest control company provides value to our clients with:

Active memberships in the National Pest Control Association and the Local Tidewater Pest Control Association.
Environmentally conscious solutions to common pest problems faced by home and business owners in the Virginia Beach, VA area.
Preventive approaches that reduce your risk of future infestations
Our owner Is an Associate Certified Entomologist

Contact Reliance Pest & Termite today for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Ask us about our affordable rates.

Premium pest control services without compromise

If you need an exterminator who takes an aggressive and proactive approach to protecting your property from pests, Reliance Pest & Termite is your solution. All of our treatments are environmentally friendly and focus on preventing intruders rather than killing them.

If you're ready to take a stand and take back your home or business, it's time to call us for a free consultation and price quote in Virginia Beach, VA. We serve the Hampton Roads area.