Bedbug Facts (Part 2)

  • After feeding, fully engorged bedbug nymphs can grow as much as six times their body weight; adult bedbugs can grow about two to two and a half times their typical size after feeding.
  • If necessary, bedbugs can get a blood meal from other bedbugs; although this might be a rare occurrence, it is possible and it underscored the tenacity of this troublesome pest.
  • Bedbugs reproduce via a process entomologists call “traumatic insemination”; this term is used because the male pierces the abdomen of the female to inseminate her.
  • Adult bedbug “ground speed” on a smooth surface is three to four feet per minute; this means a determined bedbug can cover up to 20 feet in just five minutes – giving these bloodsuckers plenty of time to cover long distances while victims sleep.
  • It is possible for bedbugs to crawl up walls, across ceilings, and drop onto unsuspecting victims as they sleep.
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