Basic Ant Facts

On occasion, swarmer ants, or reproductive members – the queen and king – are seen as they leave the ground to mate in flight before falling back to earth. The male dies, and the mated queen returns underground to begin laying eggs for development of the colony.

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Lyme Disease Education (Part 5)

If you get Lyme Disease, the nature of your illness will depend on the length of time that it goes untreated. Additionally, not all humans respond the same way to this very complex disease, and ticks can also transmit more than one type of disease with a single bite further complicating a proper diagnosis and treatment. Lyme Disease is a syphilitic-type condition that left untreated can cause severe debilitating issues both physically and mentally. This stage is known as chronic Lyme, and is very difficult to diagnose and treat. Early stages of Lyme Disease can be completely cured with common antibiotics issued by a medical doctor. However catching Lyme Disease in its early stages is difficult at best, and many physicians and laboratories lack the experience and testing protocols to properly identify the disease.

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Lyme Disease Education (Part 4)

There are a few removal methods that should be avoided when a tick has embedded itself on your body. You should never use alcohol, lit matches, cigarettes, insecticides, repellants, gasoline, ammonia, or any other solvent or heat source to remove any embedded tick. All of these methods cause the tick to regurgitate the contents of its gut into the victim’s bloodstream, which further increase the likelihood of contracting a tickborne disease.

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Lyme Disease Education (Part 3)

If you find a tick embedded on your body the tick must be carefully removed either by a medical professional, or you can do it yourself or have someone assist you. A proper removal device is necessary to firmly grasp the tick by the mouthparts only and gently remove the tick from the skin. Do not grasp the tick by its abdomen because pressure will force the tick to regurgitate its gut contents, which may contain disease microbes, into the bloodstream. Save the tick for proper identification by a trained professional.


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Lyme Disease Education (Part 2)

The early warning sign that a tick bite has transmitted Lyme Disease is a bull’s-eye rash in the area of the bite that some, but not all. victims see. The other early warning sign is the embedded feeding tick itself. Unfortunately most victims of Lyme Disease never know that they were bitten by an infected tick, and go untreated until concerning health issues begin to manifest within the victim. Detection of embedded ticks is difficult because of the black legged tick’s extremely small size.


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Educate yourself on Lyme Disease (Part 1)

Lyme Disease is caused by bacterium from a group of bacteria known as Spirochetes. Spirochetes are corkscrew-shaped bacteria that can actually bore into essential organs and other tissues of the body, and can go into dormancy for long periods of time. The Lyme Spirochete is called Borrelia burgdorferi, and it is transmitted to humans and pets by the black legged (deer) tick and the lonestar tick. When an infected tick bites, it transfers spirochete bacteria into the bloodstream of humans and pets.

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