Termite Control

TermitesWhen you want Tidewater, VA termite control that helps protect the value and the beauty of your home with fast, effective treatments, trust your home to the experts at Reliance Pest. Our staff of trained professionals is thorough, reliable, and utilizes the latest advances in technology to help rid your home or business of destructive termites and keep future infestations away for decades to come. Call today for a free price quote, and see how little it takes to keep your home termite-free.

We understand that termites are more than just an inconvenience; they’re a destructive house guest that can end up damaging the structure and foundation of your home, eating away at it literally one fiber at a time. Studies show that a structure that’s made of wood has over a 70 percent chance of being attacked by these intruders within 20 years. This makes it almost a certainty that, at some point, you’ll need professional help to maintain the beauty and the structural integrity of your property.

When they first find out their home has an issue with termites, many people make the fatal mistake of attempting to treat the issue with over-the-counter products. Unfortunately, because termites are a difficult problem to get rid of, and battling them requires a particularly aggressive approach, most of these attempts fail, leading homeowners to call an exterminator. It’s a good idea to save valuable time and money right off the bat by hiring a professional as soon as you suspect you might be in need of help getting rid of these pests. Do-it-yourself treatments only get rid of existing colonies and inhibit reproduction; barriers should be erected to keep termites away from the building.

If you’re looking for Tidewater, VA termite control that gets the job done right the first time, trust your property to Reliance Pest. Our experienced and well-trained experts rely on products that are both effective and environmentally safe, helping to protect your property for years to come. We’re able to match any competitor’s price, and we offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our service. Don’t let termites get the upper hand; call Reliance Pest today for the fast, effective solutions you can rely on!