Termites Are Hungry. Is Your Home on the Menu?

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When you need termite control to protect the value and the beauty of your home, trust the experts at Reliance Pest & Termite Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA. Our trained professionals are thorough and reliable, and they'll utilize the latest advances in technology to rid your home or business of destructive termites and keep them away for years to come.

We understand that termites are more than just an inconvenience; they're destructive house guests that can end up damaging the structure and foundation of your home. Studies show that a structure that's made of wood has over a 70% chance of being attacked by these pests within 20 years. This makes it very likely that you'll need professional termite treatment to maintain the beauty and the structural integrity of your property.

Call today for a free price quote on termite control, and see how little it takes to keep your home termite-free in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA.

Why should you trust professionals with termite treatment?

When they first find out their home has an issue with termites, many people make the fatal mistake of attempting to treat the issue with over-the-counter products. Unfortunately termites are hard to remove, so most of these attempts fail.

There are several reasons to hire us for termite treatment, including:

  • Saving money by preventing termites from coming back
  • Use of effective and environmentally safe chemicals
  • Careful treatment of your home's most important structures

Don't let termites get the upper hand. If you're looking for Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA termite control that gets the job done right the first time, trust your property to Reliance Pest & Termite.