I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a pest control company. I've never had a negative interaction because they're always prompt and professional and let me know when they're coming ahead of time. Every time Dan shows up for a quarterly appointment he checks with me to see if there are any issues or questions. Great overall experience every time.

Tom C. 2/2021

"They take good care of our home."

Nancy C. 11/2020

"I've lived in Williamsburg for over 20 years and tried many local pest control companies. My experience with Reliance has been the best by far. Their technicians are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful, especially when asking for information to make important decisions. This summer I had an ant infestation 2 days before guests were due to visit for 2 weeks! Our technician came out on a Friday evening after 8 pm to treat the problem, I was so surprised and grateful. This was between scheduled treatments and there was no charge. Reliance really cares about their customers and I highly recommend their services. Oh yes, they love pets and the rates are the best as well"

P. Jones 11/2020

"Reliance Pest Control is the best! I have been with them for over 3 years. I would never switch to anyone else. The staff is so friendly and ready to service your everyday needs. Demetrius is the very nice gentleman who comes to spray everytime for us. He is so sweet and very respectful. He is like a son to us! If you want a great pest company call Reliance you will be glad you did! Sandy Brown"

Sandy B. 10/2020

"Great business, Great Service!"

PR 10/2020

"Always on time with great customer service."

Anthony Buccella 02/2020

"Excellent service! Very friendly staff. Wonderful customer service!!"

Lisa Roucek 01/2020

"Doug is the best! We had some ongoing pest issues and Doug helped to eliminate them. We are now on a quarterly plan at a reasonable cost to help contain the issue. So far problem free! Very easy to schedule appointments and work with the home office."

Tiffany Vander Meulen 01/2020

"Great service. Our serviceman, Dan, is very helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help with pest problems."

C. Morrall 09/2019

"Great company. Always friendly and prompt. Prices are fair and industry average. Took care of water bugs."

T. Conley 09/2019

"We have been with Reliance for the past 12 years and cannot say how happy we are with their services. We use them on both of our properties, and have never had to even think about calling another company. Only twice we have had to call for a re-spray and that was because we had spider issues that needed a stronger solution. From their office staff, to Dan who works his butt off ensuring that the property is sprayed properly, this company is amazing. Our family will never switch pest control companies."

A. Tilley 08/2018

"Professional and great quality. Inspectors do a great job and make you feel very comfortable."

Six by Five 03/2018

"The service is the best out of all the others we had in the past and always on time.will explain what they are doing and if you have a question they are always willing to answer it . Thank you from the RICHARDSON FAMILY PORTSMOUTH VA"

T. Richardson 08/2017

"A great group to work with. Excellent quarterly rates with stellar results. I was continuously pleased with the representative and the service they provided. If I ever had an issue or concern they were quick to assist and always arrived on time. I recently moved out of the area and will really miss having these guys around."

Dan D. 08/2017

"Treated critical areas around the house by boring holes inside garage and all outside doors. Process went well without problem."

Angelina Paleracio 01/2014

"It was good. I recommended them to a neighbor. I wasn't there when he came but my husband said everything went well. They came and did their job. We were able to see a difference for a while. It was successful."

Judith Preston 12/2013

"He did a great job and was very knowledgeable. Excellent service call."

Janet Gordon 12/2013

"Technician sprayed inside the house & garage, politely answering all my questions as he went along. He also treated outside the house (ant & cricket issues) & set a bait station because I had old evidence of a mouse. He also said I'd get a reminder notice when the next treatment was due. I was quite happy with the nearly immediate end of bugs."

Pat Badonsky 12/2013

"It went very well, I think they came up the following day. I would recommend them and they are fine."

Fred Virtucio 12/2013

"Reliance Pest and Termite TRULY embodies the word "RELIANCE". From my call to arrange the service to the pre-appt. call confirming the appt. to the OUTSTANDING serviceman to follow-up call post the service. Absolutely beautiful!! The service man was very attentive and took notes regarding my concern for insects. I was beginning to see more spiders around my home "inside almost every room and outside". The service man extremely thorough and took his time vs spray-running. He walked slowly with more attention to detail than I could ever expect!! I have not seen 1 spider inside or outside of house following this appt. I AM 100% satisfied with Reliance and highly recommend!!"

R Anderson 11/2013

"It turned out excellent. I will definitely use them again."

Donald Lutz 11/2013

"Excellent from first call to delivery of termite report to mortgage company."

Evelyn Rivenbark 11/2013

"I purchased the One-Time Preventative Pest Control Deal from Reliance Pest Control. I called to set up an appointment and the office administrator was very helpful and courteous. They were able to work around my schedule, and had availability for that same week.
Vernon arrived on time and was very polite and personable. He went around the inside of my house and sprayed and then sprayed the exterior of my house. He also inspected the crawl space for pests and informed me that some of my insulation had fallen, but no signs of termite damage. He told me about how I could save money with the company's pest and termite contracts, which I will be discussing with my husband. He took his time and answered all my questions; I'm a little worried that I might have made him late for his next appointment.
It was a good experience, and I will definitely be using them if I encounter any future pest control problems. I would also highly recommend them to others with pest problems or wanting pest control protection!"

Jennifer Irwin 10/2013

"Overall, outstanding job. I was contacted quickly after purchasing the big deal coupon. I explained that I had a spider problem. I was told who my specialist would be (Carlton) and an appointment was set. Carlton showed up on time. Treated the exterior front with granuals and because I have dogs that had free access in the back, sprayed the back yard. He then sprayed in the house especially the corners. Great job!"

Vanessa Ong 09/2013

"It went well, would hire them again."

MK Richardson 09/2013

"The service provider showed up on time with knowledge of the problem I was having with spiders. He was answered all my questions about the safety of the chemicals to children and pets and provided good advice on frequency of pest control treatment to keep the population of spiders and other bugs down. Very friendly and even removed the spider webs from around the perimeter of the house as he sprayed. I will definitely use this company again and follow his advice for 4 times/year treatment."

James Esposito 09/2013

"Very prompt, professional and thorough service"

Catherine McDonald 09/2013

"The pest inspector arrived on time and made a thorough examination of the attic and around the house. He identified the problem and showed us where the rodent was getting access to the attic. Pellets were put down and the inspector returned 30 days later to check and make sure the problem had been solved. Was easy to work with and timely. Overall the job went very well, no problems with the company and the issue of rodents getting into the attic was resolved."

Caroline Stottlemyer 09/2013

"It turned out good. The guy that came over was really good. He seem like he was pretty thorough and knowledgeable."

Andrew Furne 08/2013

"The entire team at Reliance went above and beyond to ensure that my client was fully satisfied and that his new home was fully treated and in time for the settlement date. My client had last minute concerns and Wayne Kessinger, after a long work day, took the time to come meet my client and explain the process of identifying and treating termites and moisture damage. He spent more than an hour explaining the intricacies and ensured that my client was fully satisfied. I enjoy aligning myself with business professionals that maintain such high standards of practice and take such excellent care of my clients. I would like to thank the staff at Reliance Termite & Pest Control (Cheryl, Joanne, Dan & Vernon) for moving their schedule around to accommodate my client's needs. And a special thanks to Wayne Kessinger for taking the time to come meet my client with such short notice and after hours to educate him on the identification and treatment process for termites and moisture damage, looking under the crawl space following a treatment and for ensuring that my client is fully satisfied. He went above and beyond and I am so very grateful. I always recommend you to co-broke agents, people I come across and to my clients because you are by far the best in the business. I will continue to give you my highest recommendation. Thank you!"

Rebecca Keeney, REALTOR 08/2013

"I thought it worked out well. They were able to come out immediately, which was great. Their response time was very good."

Stephanie Hamrick 08/2013

"They did Flea and Tick treatment in the house. He was on time and did a great job. He explained to me what they were doing and what type of pesticide he was using."

Jonathan Jerry 08/2013

"When I called to schedule the deal, the customer service lady was awesome! Worked schedule around to accommodate this customer for next day. AWESOME! Service rep at location was very professional. Highly recommended! PERFECT!"

Dean Freeberg 08/2013

"Treated/sprayed full interior and exterior perimeter of house including garage area. Did a termite inspection and advised of termite prevention recommendations. I ordered the service for a one time treatment using an Angie's list coupon for one time preventative pest control treatment. Using the coupon and it being a one time treatment I had expected this to be a quick and non-detailed spray for bugs......I was very happy to see that the service wasn't at all rushed. Carlton (my exterminator sent out by Reliance) was very friendly and took the time to fully listen to my concerns about the spray and its safety for my pets. He also looked at the spiders around the exterior of my home and explained which ones were "good bugs" and "bad bugs". He walked all the problem areas with me before he started treating and explained fully where the treatment would be placed and why it needed to be in those areas. He also gave a helpful tip about our air condition drain line and advised that we get an additional stretch of PVC pipe to get this a little further from the house as to not provide a source of moisture to draw in the bugs. He advised termites not only want wood but also moisture and to eliminate this source of a good termite dinner. This was what I consider going above and beyond in terms of good customer service. After Carlton completed the job, Reliance Pest called and wanted to make sure I was fully satisfied with my service. Of course I said I was and how helpful Carlton was but this showed that it wasn't just Carlton that cared about this customers but the company as a whole, very pleased with Reliance and will use them again."

Amber Thompson 08/2013

"Inspection and quote - Called to get a termite inspection after finding a termite colony near house. House was treated when we bought it, but is nearing the end of its effectiveness (liquid barrier). Technician arrived on time. Inspected under the crawl space, but not inside the house. Explained that we did have evidence of previous termite damage, but nothing current. Offered a couple of options for general pest control and a program that would get us on a termite warranty. Ran through several options/pricing structures. Technician was very friendly though and when I asked him about the different termaticides available - he was very knowledgeable and answered my questions well."

Teresa Beebe 08/2013

"They are on time and friendly."

Lily Carson 08/2013

"It went fine. It was as promised. They were very quick to respond. I was very satisfied. There were no extra charges beyond the big deal amount."

Charles Willis 07/2013

"Good, he showed up on time and was professional. Services didn't take long and the results were great."

Lane Gerdes 07/2013

"The service was good."

Richard Farnsworth 07/2013

"They treated a rental property that my sister and I own. My sister's seen one bug since the treatment but overall it went really well, we aren't in the house very much though."

Cheryl Collier 06/2013

"the rep was very professional and very informative, he explained everything he was doing and why, he even answered questions about different types of pest control services available and explained in detail how each process worked."

Steve Falb 06/2013

"Dos: Tim's service follows the written contract. He is punctual. If he is running late, he would call. But he rarely late.

Don'ts: NONE

Dos: Tim has a three month schedule as per our contract. His schedule works well with mine. He has always considered my schedule first.

The routine: Spraying around the baseboard inside and outside the house. He swept off the spider webs where is visible. He sprayed around the bushes and inspected for spider nest and also checked areas around the house and in the garage to prevent the termites problems.

I don't have to worry that he doesn't do his job. If I have any complaint about a possible pest problem, I discuss with him and he usually takes care of it right away and if not we set up a schedule usually within a week the problem is solved. They got the best ants trap! I have cat foods sitting out on the kitchen floor which attracted the ants to come in. He put the powder stuff around the baseboard and underneath the stove. He also gave me the ants trap for those stubborn ants and explained thoroughly of what to expect and caution for possible accidental issues. Now, I have no ant and the cat food is still on the floor as I am typing this.

BTW: Their product is not harmful to pets and me. I have a bad allergies (getting 5 allergy shots once a week). I have no problem when he sprays the pesticide around the room. This is very important to me!

A great company, always follow up after the service to see if everything is alright.

Don'ts: NA DA - none"

Siri Mitiska 05/2013

"Had one-time bug treatment inside & out - Great deal! Overall the service was Great! The serviceman was informative, professional and treated my home as the deal required. As far as the full treatment - I haven't see any other creepy crawlies. I would definitely use again for pest control!"

Jane Colvin 05/2013

"The technician did a thorough check under the house and along the perimeter of our crawl space. We've had Our present pest control company out a number of times to find how the rats were getting under our house and all they would do is bait traps. Rats ended up dying under our house. Reliance tech would not stop looking until he found where they were getting in. He finally went into the garage and located the breach. It's been 6 months and there has been no sign of rats under the house. We are discussing dropping Our present company for Reliance. I was quite impressed."

Laura White 04/2013

"I needed someone to take care of a bug problem at a rental home.They were willing to contact the tenant to set up an appointment.They were on time, treated the house, and yard, and I have not heard any more complaints about roaches. Great job, especially since this had been a problem even before tenants moved in. I contacted them and the work was done. No Problems."

Vivian Mars 04/2013

"The overall experience was good and positive. The person who came to my house was very, very nice and what I liked about him was that he tried to educate me about the issue."

Devin Turner 04/2013

"Hiring Reliance was two fold. We needed a termite inspection for selling our house and treatment for an annual ant problem in the kitchen.
Wayne came out on Monday to do the inspection. He was very thorough and answered all my questions. We discussed the ant problem and he scheduled the ant control treatment for today. Easy transactions on every front. Phone calls answered in a timely fashion. Both Wayne and Dan were on time. Both explained everything they were doing. Very knowledgeable and pleasant people. No pressure to purchase anything. Wayne also lowered the price on the ant treatment by $50. I would not hesitate to recommend the company and their services"

Deborah Stone-Richard 04/2013

"A+++ Would use again!"

Gene Jackson 03/2013

"I paid for pest control services, and the technician was punctual and very informative. He conducted an inspection of the interior of my home first and pointed possible entry points for pests, and also gave my recommendations on how to eliminate them. Overall it was pleasant, and easy experience"

Corey Burrell 03/2013

"Reliance did a very good job. The gentleman was on time, professionally explained where we might have problems, and was very patient (as I had not finished putting everything up so he could do his job). He couldn't have been nicer."

Yvonne Christian 03/2013

"They came back for a follow-up appointment to provide treatment again. He stated it could take up to a month for the roaches to be completely gone. They showed up when scheduled and provided the appropriate treatment."

Lemlem Herring 03/2013

"We had mice, we had mice galore and they were not welcome! Unfortunately, we had a bad contractor do our kitchen (thus the Angie's list membership), they left holes for the mice to get in. So, I saw the Winter Rodent treatment special given by Angie's list. I bought it thinking one treatment would be enough. The came out on the 8th of January and then again two weeks later and then again two weeks later. The third time I decided to buy their yearly program and quaterly pest treatments. While he was here he treated for the mice and checked for termites, also treating for other possible pests. The visits were great, the tech was very knowledgeable and professional. He told us how to seal up to keep more mice from coming in, put down traps. Calling the office number you reach a sweet lady who is very willing to get you set up.
I would highly recommend this company.

**Also, asked them to come out and give me an estimate for a french drain as we were told we needed one. The owner came out and told me "I am not going to waste your money, you do not need one." He did tell me what to get for the drainage issue and we were able to take care of it with some of the drain extenders from Home Depot. I appreciated his honesty and telling me how to do it myself. "

Beth Elliott 03/2013

"The gentleman was exactly on time, Between 12 and 1. He got here 12:05 . He spent at least 2 hours here looking for all of the possible entry points for the mice. He even went under the house. Also did an inspection of the foundation of the house. He left some traps, ( not glue ones) in a few places. He came back today, 2/27/2013, to check on the traps. again he was exactly on time. Such a treat to have someone come on time. No more mice have been seen or trapped."

Linda Symons 02/2013

"He does not track mud or dirt in home. He uses overalls to inspect under home upon initial inspection. He uses pet and child safe bait in places safe from children and pets. He is quick but thorough and arrives early. He is professional and knowledgeable about the pests of the area and what one can do to deter them, chemical and naturally."

Theresa Conley 02/2013

"Well, we found out where the rodent entered the crawl space and put in a trap. The rodent was never caught, but I was able to close up the entrance point. If he's been back I haven't seen him."

William VanCamp 02/2013

"The company arranged their schedule to address my needs quickly which I appreciated during the holidays. Follow up timely, staff is professional but very friendly."

Beverly Voglewede 02/2013

"It was good. They were very professional. We continued to use them after the deal."

Amy Cole 01/2013

"The rep inspected the attic for mice, I had had an issue with them in the past and wanted to make sure it didn't happen again ... he found some recent signs of mice but didn't find actual mice ... so he put in bait traps and is going to follow up in 30 days"

Steven Allen 01/2013

"Inspector was on time and friendly. Answered all of my questions. Provided recommendations and quote with no pressure to enroll in their services at this time. Inspector is setting bait stations and returning in two weeks to re-evaluate."

Mark Doolan 01/2013

"Outstanding! No complaints. It's a great company to work with!"

Joe Lyon 12/2012

"I would rate the service by this company well above average. Dan is a very good worker and provides knowledgeable information and service. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable company."

William Madden 12/2012

"I called for my appointment and was greeted by a pleasant and courteous woman who explained in detail what I was receiving with the Big Deal. She made my appointment for the following Monday and the technician arrived promptly. It was a cloudy day and as we spoke the skies opened up and it began to rain. we decided to reschedule the appointment for the following week.
The following week, again the arrival was on time and the technician gave me a courtesy call about 30 minutes prior to his arrival. He was very professional and with a good appearance. He walked me through the inspection and through the treatment and techniques that he was going to use. I chose not only the termite protection but also the additional pest treatment with their quarterly follow up service.

Once complete we again did a walk around, the tech even put the crawlspace cover back in place and gave me some recommendations on the replacement of my crawl space vents. Within two hours the technician had completed his task and was on his way. I have been very satisfied with the treatments and the service I received. I will certainly recommend Reliance for the quality of their service and the experience and courtesy of their technicians and staff."

G J Koscinski 12/2012

"Sprayed for insects (inside, outside and garage). My wife was at the house when the service was performed, but she saif the technician was polite and professional."

Derek Carlton 11/2012

"We have this company do our quarterly termite service. We have loved their communication when they need to change the appointment and we love the service. They are happy yo answer questions and they will actually say the don't known something. Honesty is a nice quality in a company. We pay $95 each quarter which we feel is very reasonable. They come quarterly and every visit has gone well."

Allison Millard 11/2012

"Entire house was treated for common pests. Treatment was made both inside and out. The representative included treatment of "common" areas between my unit and those adjacent to mine. I am very happy with the service provided."

Laurie Alloway 10/2012

"I received a "Big Deal" offer from Angie's List via email. Since the property had never been treated for termites I took the opportunity to avail myself of the offer. (I refused to let the well known pest control company now having the contract on my other house to do this job due to their reluctance to answer my calls.) I did misread the details of the offer but Reliance made a reasonable substitute offer that was less than I paid the other company and is less than the renewal rate for the other company. They arrived at the appointed time and worked diligently for tow days to take care of everything. All debris was carried away from the property."

Evan Jackson 10/2012

"We have been using this company for two years and have absolutely nothing but great things to say about them! We, unfortunately, live on an ant colony so we are in a constant battle to keep them out of our house but from the very first treatment we saw amazing results! We have young children and pets so we requested the "green" treatments and occasionally use the tougher treatments when an ant's nest is discovered outside to try and eliminate that group (and it works!). We had a huge problem with spiders when we first moved in as well and have not had a problem since we began service with Reliance. We receive the quarterly treatments and can call anytime (weekend, holidays, whenever) if we are experiencing a problem in between scheduled services and they are very prompt to address the problem and work around our schedules-at no extra charge! Our technician, Tim, is incredibly reliable, friendly, flexible and thorough- our daughter loves when he comes over to treat! He is very comfortable with our two large dogs and they also love him! I am a TOUGH customer but I am absolutely satisfied with this company's treatment and maintenance services AND their wonderful customer service- thank you Reliance!!"

Heather Dess 09/2012

"The company conducts good business sense with their customers. Everything went well. I was not there, but asked the renters and they said it went well."

Ernesto Barrameda 09/2012

"The gentleman came and performed an inspection and them performed a spraying inside the house and outside. Within a week, the number of bugs we saw (dead or alive) decreased dramatically."

Kimberly Armstrong 08/2012

"I contracted to have Reliance Pest & Termite, Inc. inspect and treat my home for termites based on Angie's List "Big Deal" offer. Their representative Duane Lassiter, arrived on time and did a great job. He is very knowledgeable and patiently answered all of my questions. He did not attempt to sell me any additional products like so many of the national known exterminators. I would definitely recommend this company and their representative, Duane Lassiter to a friend."

Frank Craig 07/2012

"Reliance performed a comprehensive termite inspection and explained what types of prevention services the company offered. We have a rental house built on a slab and have used several different companies to perform yearly inspections. This was the first company that sent someone out to do the inspection who arrived at the time specified so that I could ask questions. We contracted for quarterly termite treatments. Prices were very reasonable."

Jane Oribello 05/2012

"You can call them when you need them. They're very educated in their craft. They're also professional."

Angela Viernes 05/2012

"They were great. They did what they said they were going to do. They came out and took care of the problem. It was a one-time thing and I think we are going to go for a contract with them."

Alison Leffler 11/2011

"I use Reliance Pest and Termite, Inc. to control interior and exterior pest. What I appreciate most is the way he takes time to eradicate the pest from the exterior of the property."

Toni Parson 11/2011

"We scheduled a home termite/pest inspection and treatment in support of home refinance. Reliance was able to come out the same day that I called at a time convenient to my schedule. He did a very thorough inspection and provided a detailed report. Treatment was provided for inactive termite site and active beetle presence. I love the option of green products since I have dogs and cats! More importantly, Reliance was prompt, thorough, trustworthy and the price couldn't be beat. The day before I had a national competitor quote me $3000-$5000 to get my termite letter for refinance. The $3000 lower end option included putting a vapor barrier ON TOP of the vapor barrier I just had installed by my insulation company 4 weeks ago! The competitor quoted $1200 just for one time termite treatment. Reliance charged approx. $900 for termite and approx. $500 for the beetles. So I got both treatments for the price of only one treatment with the other company. The competitor mandated future enrollment in the annual warranty program. Reliance left this as an option for the homeowner but was not a condition of required work for the refinance. Additionally, the other company did not even find the ACTIVE beetle issue (I'm the double checker type...they are indeed there now that Reliance taught me what to look for). They even waived the fee for the real estate termite letter. Reliance called within 2 hours of service to verify all required forwarding information for the letter. I was so impressed with Reliance's quality of service that I signed up for the annual warranty which includes four treatments per year. I shopped around and the price for this could also not be beat. $110 per quarter gets both pest and termite treatment ($95 for just termite)/ Price is also fixed at time of contract and will never go up no matter how many years I want to keep the warranty (unlike other companies that have clauses to increase prices later on)."

Lisa Sickinger 09/2011

"Daniel was our technician. He sprayed our house for pests, including the crawl space underneath. He also did an inspection for termites. Daniel was on time. He was very knowledgeable and very professional. Thankfully, we did not have any termites but we live on the water and bugs are a recurring problem. We forgot to get him to spray the garage so I called Reliance and they sent Daniel back out a few days later to spray that area. We were so impressed with Daniel's service that we signed a quarterly service contract so that Daniel can continue to take care of our house. Since Daniel's visits, the only bugs we have seen have been DEAD ones!"

Lori Hubble 09/2011

"Inspection for insect pest and termites. Treated for common insects inside and out. Professional, courteous tech. The environmentally safe treatment has been good, low to no odor and no insects for the last two weeks"

Gerard Kennedy 08/2011

"I got a discounted service through Angie's List for a onetime pest control treatment and I got them to come out and spray. I called them back and told them that the bugs weren't gone so they gave me the service technician's telephone number. I called him directly and he came back on Saturday morning and took care of it. They were pretty responsive. The price was good because of the Angie's List special. "

Ellen Morey 08/2011

"Tim is always prompt & thorough, friendly service. We have been customers for several years."

Debra Hill 07/2011

"They use a product that is completely (Green). Always on time. Friendly , courteous. Always on call. Best pest control service we have ever used!"

Al & Debi Howell 07/2011

"They treated for insects and flying creatures that look at you when you are watching TV. We liked everything including their punctuality and follow up. We liked the technician and his professionalism. He was so absolutely clean and neat on the one he handled himself and the inside of the property. We will be going back to them in six months for a contract for the general pest control."

Marion Price 06/2011

"The owner came out to do the termite inspection and give us a quote on pest and termite services. He was thorough and answered all of my questions and concerns. I signed an annual contract with them for quarterly pest and termite services. Their pricing is pretty much comparable to their competitors (based on the size of our house). The technician came out and performed our first quarterly service a couple of days later (because the next day wouldn't work with my schedule). The technician was very professional. Overall we had a good experience with a local company."

Stacy McCallister 06/2011

"They do a termite inspection. They go all throughout the house looking out if there is any termite damage and there wasn't any. But they did find some water moisture damp fungus under the house. The inspection was complimentary. They sprayed the fungus and they did the structural repair to the foundation and water damage. He was extremely professional. He gave me a detailed description of what was wrong and what he recommended and what was wrong with the blitz. He was a very pleasant guy. He had the repair done and they treated it for the fungus. Now that I am on a yearly plan they would come out for the quarterly inspection. He was nice enough and I even had other questions on other items that were not really in his realm, he was more than happy to give me his advice. He was really helpful. I was very pleased with the price; with the water damage I had I thought it would be more expensive. He was top notch. I would use him in the future."

Daniel Shearin 06/2011

"Overall outstanding services. On time, thorough, professional, answered all questions, and didn't try to sell unneeded services."

Claire Carbone 06/2011

"Tim was very professional and on time and he performed the job with professionalism. Reliance is a great company to work with!"

Tonia & Jamaal Benjamin 01/2011

"Tim came on time with his coworker. He was very professional and he always does his service that exceeds my expectations. He has a great attitude. People like him should be appreciated at the workplace and he sure is!"

Denisa Vaughan 12/2010

"Tim was excellent as usual"

June Patterson 12/2010

"Tim and Reliance Pest Control do a great job."

F.W. Caffee 12/2010

"Tim was on time, very friendly, and professional."

Amy Peterson 12/2010

"Everything was great"

Philip Caruso 11/2010

"Tim is the best. He comes in and does what has to be done. He is always friendly and on time. He takes his time and does the job right."

Alethia Bilotta 11/2010

"Tim is a pleasure to work with always on time and does a fantastic job"

Signature at West Neck 11/2010

"I was so impressed with your company's fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. The men who did the work were wonderful. Thanks Guys!"

Connie Jones

"We have used their services for approximately 3 years and have always been very happy with their service. We take advantage of their "green" program, meaning that they use an environmentally and pet-friendly spray in our home; it leaves very little odor afterwards and leaves no residue on our hardwood floors. They also spray around the outside perimeter of our home and in the basement. Their technicians are very thorough, and their office staff is always very pleasant. If we encounter any pest problems between our quarterly sprays, they will perform a re-spray at no extra charge. We highly recommend Reliance Pest & Termite."

Heather Berry 05/2010

"If you have problems with pests or issues with your crawl space, call Reliance! We did, and Wayne and his crew not only treated our house & had the repairs done to our crawl space, but in the process saved us almost $2,000. We were very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Reliance to others. You can RELY on RELIANCE!!!! Call Wayne.....you'll be glad you did!!!"

Jamie & Patti Killen